Review: Leader’s Eat Last by Simon Sinek

Leaders Eat LastLeaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The very first vignette enthralled me as a service member. Showcasing the values in the military and applied to a combat scenario with lives on the line. After that it was very enjoyable.

Leaders eat last comes from the Military custom that the Commander eats after all his Soldiers eat. Make sure your people are taken care of and in turn you will be taken care of. Being a leader is earned…continually.

Sinek uses this baseline to then evaluate why some teams thrive and others don’t. He falls back heavily on the four basic chemicals in all humans and ties most interactions to the rise and fall of these chemicals. Why biologically it makes sense to reward teamwork.

I personally enjoyed his comparison about earning the rewards. He said something to the effect of, no one would bat an eye at someone giving a million dollars to Mother Theresa, but a million dollar payout to a CEO…maybe it wasn’t well earned.

Altogether, I enjoyed this book, more so than Start With Why. A couple vignettes overlap between the two. If you are interested in a leadership book with good examples, I would strongly recommend this one.

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